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Shweta Bhasin
Making Use of JavaScript

Автор(ы): Shweta Bhasin

Издательство: Wiley, 2002 год

Формат книги: pdf

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О книге:

The tremendous growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in a demand for dynamic and interactive Web sites. To attract customer attention on the Web, companies need to hire experts for creating their Web sites. There is a tremendous scope for those who want to be the pillars of such companies by mastering scripting languages that give life to Web sites. One such language that is easy to master and handle is JavaScript.

JavaScript is a versatile language that can be used to enhance client-side and server-side scripting. JavaScript is also widely used for its abilities to manage user input, show text, play sounds, display images, and communicate with a plug-in response.
* JavaScript, unlike many other programming languages, is relatively easy to master, even for those who have no programming experience
* Mastery of JavaScript allows Web masters and Web site developers to easily add interactivity, moving beyond static HTML pages