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Юань Гао
Веб-проектирование систем и онлайн поведение потребителя

Автор(ы): Юань Гао

Издательство: ISBN, 2005 год

Формат книги: chm

Размер: 3.3 Mb


О книге:

Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior takes an interdisciplinary approach toward systems design in the online environment by providing an understanding of how consumers behave while shopping online and how certain system design elements may impact consumers` perceptions, attitude, intentions, and actual behavior. This book contains theoretical and empirical research from expert scholars in a number of areas including communications, psychology, marketing and advertising, and information systems. This book provides an integrated look at the subject area as described above to further our understanding of the linkage among various disciplines inherently connected with one another in electronic commerce.