The MongoRegex class

(PECL mongo >=0.8.1)

This class can be used to create regular expressions. Typically, these expressions will be used to query the database and find matching strings. More unusually, they can be saved to the database and retrieved.

Regular expressions consist of four parts. First a / as starting delimiter, then the pattern, another / and finally a string containing flags.

Пример #1 Regular expression pattern


MongoDB recognizes six regular expression flags:

  • i: Case insensitive

  • m: Multiline

  • x: Can contain comments

  • l: locale

  • s: dotall, "." matches everything, including newlines

  • u: match unicode

Обзор классов

MongoRegex {
/* Fields */
public string $regex ;
public string $flags ;
/* Методы */
public __construct ( string $regex )
public string __toString ( void )