Execute a previously prepared query

(PHP 5)

ibase_executeExecute a previously prepared query


resource ibase_execute ( resource $query [, mixed $bind_arg [, mixed $... ]] )

Execute a query prepared by ibase_prepare().

This is a lot more effective than using ibase_query() if you are repeating a same kind of query several times with only some parameters changing.

Список параметров


An InterBase query prepared by ibase_prepare().



Возвращаемые значения

If the query raises an error, returns FALSE. If it is successful and there is a (possibly empty) result set (such as with a SELECT query), returns a result identifier. If the query was successful and there were no results, returns TRUE.


This function returns the number of rows affected by the query (if > 0 and applicable to the statement type). A query that succeeded, but did not affect any rows (e.g. an UPDATE of a non-existent record) will return TRUE.


Пример #1 ibase_execute() example



$updates = array(
=> 'Eric',
=> 'Filip',
=> 'Larry'

$query ibase_prepare($dbh"UPDATE FOO SET BAR = ? WHERE BAZ = ?");

foreach (
$updates as $baz => $bar) {


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