Returns information about indexes on this collection

(PECL mongo >=0.9.0)

MongoCollection::getIndexInfoReturns information about indexes on this collection


public array MongoCollection::getIndexInfo ( void )

Список параметров

У этой функции нет параметров.

Возвращаемые значения

This function returns an array in which each element describes an index. Elements will contain the values name for the name of the index, ns for the namespace (a combination of the database and collection name), and key for a list of all fields in the index and their ordering. Additional values may be present for special indexes, such as unique or sparse.


Пример #1 MongoCollection::getIndexInfo() example


= new MongoClient();
$c $m->selectCollection('test''venues');


Результатом выполнения данного примера будет что-то подобное:

 array(4) {   [0]=>   array(4) {     ["v"]=>     int(1)     ["key"]=>     array(1) {       ["_id"]=>       int(1)     }     ["name"]=>     string(4) "_id_"     ["ns"]=>     string(11) "test.venues"   }   [1]=>   array(4) {     ["v"]=>     int(1)     ["key"]=>     array(1) {       ["name"]=>       float(1)     }     ["name"]=>     string(6) "name_1"     ["ns"]=>     string(11) "test.venues"   }   [2]=>   array(4) {     ["v"]=>     int(1)     ["key"]=>     array(2) {       ["type"]=>       float(1)       ["createdAt"]=>       float(-1)     }     ["name"]=>     string(19) "type_1_createdAt_-1"     ["ns"]=>     string(11) "test.venues"   }   [3]=>   array(5) {     ["v"]=>     int(1)     ["key"]=>     array(1) {       ["location"]=>       string(8) "2dsphere"     }     ["name"]=>     string(17) "location_2dsphere"     ["ns"]=>     string(11) "test.venues"     ["2dsphereIndexVersion"]=>     int(2)   } } 

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