Execute the query.

(PECL mongo >=0.9.0 <1.6.0)

MongoCursor::doQueryExecute the query.


protected void MongoCursor::doQuery ( void )

Please do not use me.

This function actually queries the database. All queries and commands go through this function. Thus, this function can be overridden to provide custom query handling.

This handles serializing your query, sending it to the database, receiving a response, and deserializing it. Thus, if you are planning to override this, your code should probably call out to the original to use the existing functionality (see the example below).

Список параметров

У этой функции нет параметров.

Возвращаемые значения



Throws MongoConnectionException if it cannot reach the database.

Список изменений

Версия Описание
1.2.11 Emits E_DEPRECATED when used.


Пример #1 MongoCursor::doQuery() example

You could override this function to attempt a query on a secondary and, if that fails, try it again on the primary.


class MyCursor extends MongoCursor {

    protected function 
doQuery() {


        try {
MongoCursorException $e) {