Deletes the metadata of the entry

(PHP >= 5.3.0, PECL phar >= 1.2.0)

PharFileInfo::delMetadataDeletes the metadata of the entry


public bool PharFileInfo::delMetadata ( void )

Deletes the metadata of the entry, if any.

Список параметров

No parameters.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns TRUE if successful, FALSE if the entry had no metadata. As with all functionality that modifies the contents of a phar, the phar.readonly INI variable must be off in order to succeed if the file is within a Phar archive. Files within PharData archives do not have this restriction.


Throws PharException if errors occurred while flushing changes to disk, and BadMethodCallException if write access is disabled.


Пример #1 A PharFileInfo::delMetaData() example

try {
$a = new Phar('myphar.phar');
$a['hi'] = 'hi';
} catch (
Exception $e) {
// handle errors

Результат выполнения данного примера:

 bool(false) bool(true) bool(false) 

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