This method updates an entry in the hash with a new value

(Информация о версии неизвестна, возможно, только в SVN)

QuickHashStringIntHash::updateThis method updates an entry in the hash with a new value


public bool QuickHashStringIntHash::update ( string $key , int $value )

This method updates an entry with a new value, and returns whether the entry was update. If there are duplicate keys, only the first found element will get an updated value. Use QuickHashStringIntHash::CHECK_FOR_DUPES during hash creation to prevent duplicate keys from being part of the hash.

Список параметров


The key of the entry to add.


The new value for the entry. If a non-string is passed, it will be converted to a string automatically if possible.

Возвращаемые значения

TRUE when the entry was found and updated, and FALSE if the entry was not part of the hash already.


Пример #1 QuickHashStringIntHash::update() example

= new QuickHashStringIntHash1024 );

$hash->add'six'314159265 );
$hash->add"a lot"314159265 );

$hash->get'six' ), "\n";
$hash->get'a lot' ), "\n";

var_dump$hash->update'a lot'314159266 ) ); 
var_dump$hash->update"a lot plus one"314159999 ) );

$hash->get'six' ), "\n";
$hash->get'a lot' ), "\n";

Результатом выполнения данного примера будет что-то подобное:

 314159265 314159265 bool(true) bool(false) 314159265 314159266