Defragments the index

(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)

SolrClient::optimizeDefragments the index


public SolrUpdateResponse SolrClient::optimize ([ int $maxSegments = 1 [, bool $softCommit = true [, bool $waitSearcher = true ]]] )

Defragments the index for faster search performance.

Список параметров


Optimizes down to at most this number of segments. Since Solr 1.3


This will refresh the 'view' of the index in a more performant manner, but without "on-disk" guarantees. (Solr4.0+)


Block until a new searcher is opened and registered as the main query searcher, making the changes visible.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a SolrUpdateResponse on success or throws an exception on failure.


Throws SolrClientException if the client had failed, or there was a connection issue.

Throws SolrServerException if the Solr Server had failed to process the request.



PECL Solr >= 2.0 only supports Solr Server >= 4.0

Prior to PECL Solr 2.0 this method used to accept these arguments "int $maxSegments, bool $waitFlush, bool $waitSearcher".

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