Sorts the fields within the document

(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)

SolrInputDocument::sortSorts the fields within the document


public bool SolrInputDocument::sort ( int $sortOrderBy [, int $sortDirection = SolrInputDocument::SORT_ASC ] )

The fields are rearranged according to the specified criteria and sort direction        Fields can be sorted by boost values, field names and number of values.        The $order_by parameter must be one of :        * SolrInputDocument::SORT_FIELD_NAME    * SolrInputDocument::SORT_FIELD_BOOST_VALUE    * SolrInputDocument::SORT_FIELD_VALUE_COUNT        The sort direction can be one of :        * SolrInputDocument::SORT_DEFAULT    * SolrInputDocument::SORT_ASC    * SolrInputDocument::SORT_DESC

Список параметров


The sort criteria


The sort direction

Возвращаемые значения

Возвращает TRUE в случае успешного завершения или FALSE в случае возникновения ошибки.