Execute a string as Javascript code

(PECL v8js >= 0.1.0)

V8Js::executeStringExecute a string as Javascript code


public mixed V8Js::executeString ( string $script [, string $identifier = "V8Js::executeString()" [, int $flags = V8Js::FLAG_NONE ]] )

Compiles and executes the string passed with script as Javascript code.

Список параметров


The code string to be executed.


Identifier string for the executed code. Used for debugging.


Execution flags. This value must be one of the V8Js::FLAG_* constants, defaulting to V8Js::FLAG_NONE.

  • V8Js::FLAG_NONE: no flags

  • V8Js::FLAG_FORCE_ARRAY: forces all Javascript objects passed to PHP to be associative arrays

Возвращаемые значения

Returns the last variable instantiated in the Javascript code converted to matching PHP variable type.